Tech Stacks of the Top Adult Sites

Tech Stacks of the Top Adult Sites

Rome was certainly not built in a day and that being said, neither were any of your favorite adult sex apps.

While apps like Tinder and Bumble may seem like they are incredibly simple, it takes a lot more than swiping left and right to keep them running. While you might think that apps are unique and developed completely from conception to working product by the company who’s brainchild the app is, you’re totally wrong. Developers need tools to do their job effectively and keep apps running smoothly without bugs.

Why would you work harder when you can work smarter? Why wouldn’t you want to use different technologies to help you out on the way?

We looked into what makes some of our favorite adult dating properties tick and compounded a short stack (ha!) of tech stacks that are vital to their success. And yes, they have adorable acronymatic nicknames! 


The LAMP stack is super popular amongst tech start ups. It’s easy to use! LAMP is one of the most popular stacks as it’s timeless and easy to access. If you’re looking to develop on your own, you may need to familiarize yourself with the properties. However, if you plan on bringing on a team, you can feel comfortable that most developers will be familiar with this stack.

The LAMP stack includes a linus operating system, an Apache web server, MySQL database, PHP, Perl or Python scripting languages.

Since Linux and Apache are generally popular with developers, you shouldn’t have trouble understanding or finding someone who understands these properties.

However, Apache is not suited for heavy traffic, and MySQL has fewer features than other databases out there. 

“Adult runs on LAMP, there’s no question about it. Most sites came about the same time or before facebook, and if Facebook runs on LAMP, adult follows” – Bradly Lords, Director of Operations @ X Post


If you love JavaScript, then you’ll love MEAN as Java entirely powers this stack. This is another stack that innovative and easy to work with. Developers are usually familiar with this stack. However, you’re definitely going to need a pro if you want to get the most out of this stack.

Mean consists of MongoDB database, Express.js back-end application framework, AngularJS front-end application framework, and Node.js back-end language environment.

While this stack performs well under heavy traffic, it is more unreliable in that there are more reliable databases out there apart from MongoDB.

However, it is much more simple to have everything to be powered by Java. 

Other options

LAMP and MEAN are only jumping-off points for most. There are so many options when it comes to web development; you don’t have to stick to these formulas… although they are widely used.

While you may not always be able to mix and match everything together – as some properties don’t play well with others – you do have a ton of options and can always make changes if you need to.

While web development can be daunting for beginners out there, there is plenty of help available online. Check out programming forums and other online communities if you have any questions. The internet is definitely the place to find the answers you’re looking for! 

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