MoleBox VS Features

Create Portable Software

Most Windows applications depend on files scattered all around the file system, and require administrator privileges to install. With MoleBox, your software can easily be run from a self-contained executable file. It can run from removable storage on any machine, without altering any files on the host machine. 

Simplify Software Delivery

MoleBox allows software to be delivered with a single executable and no setup required. It also can be used to create packages for software updates. Developers can build a single package that runs on any system. All you need to do is pick which files are required by your application.

Avoid Application Conflicts and DLL Hell

With MoleBox VS, you can create containers for multiple versions of the same application. Since registry and file system changes are isolated from the host machine, MoleBox avoids creating any conflicts between different versions of software.

Run Software from User Level

Applications running in MoleBox do not require administrator privileges. Users will not be discouraged by security prompts, and systems can be locked down to prevent any changes to system files while still running essential software.

System Requirements

MoleBox supports Windows versions from Windows 2000 to Windows 10. It works with 32bit and .NET 2.x+ applications.