Creating a Package

To create a MoleBox package, follow these steps:

Set package options

In the Tools menu, select Options. Alternatively, you can click the “Package Options” button in the toolbar.

Add files

Use the toolbar buttons or Edit menu to add any files the application depends on. You can also create virtual folders and aliases if you want or need to have files structured differently than they’d normally be on the hard drive.

Compile the package

To start creating the MoleBox package, from the Tools Menu, select Pack, or click the Pack button in the toolbar. The Packing window will open, displaying the progress. Once it’s finished, you can click Execute and test your application package. 

Creating a Package from the Command Line

Molebox VS also includes a command line tool,, that can be used to generate packages.

From an existing project configuration file:

mxbpack.exe [options] ~~ @config.mxb

With command line configuration:

mxbpack.exe [options] input.exe -o output.exe [files to add]

Example of adding DLL files to the package:

mxbpack.exe input -o output.ext libs\lib1.dll;lib1.dll libs\lib2.dll;lib2.dll