How Cloud Services like AWS Changed Everything

How Cloud Services like AWS Changed Everything

When cloud computing was introduced to the public, companies from all over the world starting adopting it immediately. All of a sudden, there were opportunities to save money, remove steps from their business model, and even access detailed information from all over the world. 

Let’s dive in and explore what makes this mysterious new technology such a sought-after product, and where the product is going in the years going forward.

Flexible Offices

Cloud Computing is one of many new products the world now has access to – thanks to AWS or Amazon Web Services. Weirdly enough, almost nobody knows that this company exists – well, other than us. 

A major contribution that cloud computing has made to the world of business is more flexible workplaces. You might have noticed a few missing people in your office lately. With the cloud, anybody can transport (essentially) their entire workplace into their own bedroom. 

With employees now having the ability to work from home, office spaces are rapidly decreasing. It’s not like everyone is working from home though, mostly just independent contractors who create content for any given company. With cloud technologies, the creative process has been turned completely on its head too, but I’ll touch on that in a moment. 

Creative Process

The climate for a creative in the workplace used to be quite drab. Almost every graphic designer had to show up to work in a full suit and tie, lugging around either their massive laptop or even a full design case with paper, pens, rulers, string, the works. 

Now though, people can draw up a logo in thirty minutes before instantly transferring the file (sometimes it’s just a .jpg) over to the supervising officer. If the design is lacking certain features, they can type messages back and forth in order to achieve a common goal. This process is pretty straightforward when you do it in person, but people also tend to be less honest in person, and the desired goal is reached faster when using cloud computing. 

The ability to transfer files has also been a huge step in the direction of creative-cloud progress. 


Cutting costs is just about the only thing these companies (or any company) ever thinks about, so it’s pretty convenient for them that servers no longer have to be purchased for the companies use. No more long wires and confusing tech support guys. All you have to do is log into the cloud, and you’re in. 

Most companies now that aren’t small business’ often find themselves renting server space from a cloud service like AWS. This saves them a considerable amount of money considering how expensive servers are. Not to mention the fact that servers get better and better every year, and purchasing a new up-to-date server system every few years is not worth the price – well, now it isn’t. And it’s all thanks to cloud computing. 

When you think about all of the ‘office essentials’ that this new technology has replaced, it’s easy to think about how that trickles down into other areas of the office like the kitchen, for example. If you only have ten employees instead of 30 in the office at any given moment, then you don’t have to buy a second fridge for the kitchen. You save money on appliances, as well as your employees from coming into the workspace. It’s a win-win.

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